Video premiere: Vonneumann – antiEuclid

Experimentalists, and general mavericks, vonneumann have been so kind as to release the first video from their staggering ninth album NorN, released on November 10th through Ammiratore Omonimo Records/Retroazione Compagnie Fonografiche.

Notably shot, filmed, acted and edited with nobody to blame but the band themselves, antiEuclid stands as the pinnacle of the free rock-slash-minimalist electronica persuasion. The track itself holds something of a ghostly uncomfortability; it’s pensive and musing, qualities made all the more intriguing when accompanied by the video.

Eerily conceptualised to comment on a “post-Kraftwerkian 2-D universe”, the film purveys a sense of entrapment, touching on the abstraction of virtual reality. The obsessive violins combined with almost fetal like imagery of ambushed faces and grasping hands and bodies, doesn’t make for easy viewing, although that’s to be expected of the band. The glitch art and fleeting incarceration of the members is a little bewildering, if not reminiscent of your favourite David Lynch movie, presenting the technology in which they are trapped as the focal point of the video.

Vonneumann - NorN

Playing with a “virtual space-dancefloor”, the record flits between different textures and polyrhythms, creating an organized chaos of bleary-eyed beats, which you can’t quite manage to catch. Pay attention to some of the glitches – a handful are reminiscent of NorN’s cover design (inspired by the artificial Ithkuil language). It steadily progresses, building up to a flurry of asynchronous defects up until the point they’re rudely interrupted by a halt in vonneumann’s fabricated universe.

We urge you to view it for yourself, before attempting to film your own interpretation and present it to the band via Facebook. If you don’t consider yourself much of an artiste, acquire for your person a large glass of Sunny-D and listen to their earlier works on Bandcamp.