Top 5 Tracks of the Week: Vol.1/Ch.3

Top 5 Tracks of the Week III

I think if the world ended next week I would at least be happy that I was able to listen to the tracks featured in this week’s top 5 list. Although there’s no doubt that I would handle the world ending in very much the same way I handle commas and italics, pretty badly.

Thundercat – Friend Zone

Brainfeeder signee and all-round genius Thundercat teased a bit more of his upcoming album Drunk this week, due to be released on February 24th. You can expect to hear a broad mix of jazz, R&B and electronic influences – Friend Zone uses some of the same synths as featured throughout Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. There are some pretty funny lyrics hidden in Friend Zone, so be sure to write a few down ready to recite at work during your Monday morning meeting.

Oddisee – Like Really

Oddisee has been working on projects pretty consistently for over a decade now. The Mello Music Group (incredible label for hip hop) artist’s production skills and lyrics have always stood out to me, there’s often a lot to digest but he never tries to be too technical. Like Really deals with a lot of issues close to Oddisee’s heart, on a personal, political and global level. Commenting on the upcoming album, The Iceberg, due March 10th, he says, “We all go through the trials & tribulations of life. Why is it we feel the need to individualize our shared experiences? If only we could see our concerns as others do, maybe they wouldn’t be so serious.” Amen.

Sevdaliza – Amandine Insensible

What else is there left to do in life after you’ve become a first team player for the Dutch national women’s basketball team? This is a question that we would all undoubtedly ask ourselves should we ever be in the position Sevda Alizadeh found herself in prior to 2014. As it turns out, you can start making waves in the electronic music scene and develop a well-polished aesthetic and talent for songwriting. Sevdaliza is a fascinating project and Amandine Insensible doesn’t disappoint. The track, taken from her 2015 EP Children of Silk, has a Massive Attack feel to it and the visuals are made up of clips that you can purchase from Shutterstock. Keep this in mind during your company’s next marketing campaign.

Gold Connections – Faith In Anyone

I’ve played this track a lot this week and I think I’ve determined that it’s dreamy, but maybe describing it in that way makes it sound like a song that would be playing in the background in Topshop. Maybe that’s not a bad thing – I don’t know whether it’s cooler to like or dislike Topshop anymore. Either way, I quite like the lyric, “The sky opened up and the sun fell down on this heartache town.“, so Will Marsh, the man behind this project, has my respect.  Fat Possum Records will be releasing Gold Connections’ self-titled debut EP on March 31st.

Hodgy – Glory

Often considered one of the more underrated members of Odd Future, Hodgy is finally establishing his own sound. Following a few years of albums/EPs/mixtapes that I felt fairly indifferent about, 2016’s Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide was a welcome change. Glory shows off Hodgy’s wordplay and the new video is heartwarming, with gorgeous animation by Open The Portal.