Rat & Co: Third Law

Rat & Co - Third Law

The highly anticipated third album from Rat & Co, Third Law, stands as a social commentary on the slow decline of human interaction and the rise of AI.

This record presents a delicate blend of old school electronica and postmodernism. The thirteen tracks are slow builders with dark textures, dystopian elements and a surprisingly-dense sound. Opening track A Place Called Home plunges us into the deep end with eerie spoken word, whilst twinkly standout tracks West End and Onson Boy disrupt us with hauntingly-expansive guitar sections and pensive acoustic lines.

Sure, with a melting pot of different genres – hints of ethereal trap and Middle Eastern harmonics – it can be easy for the end result to become confused, however, Rat & Co manage to pull this off gracefully.

This record avoids the all-too-familiar trap of being overly self-involved, instead providing genuine substance – it is downtempo and mellow, holding clear direction throughout. Sometimes ambient, sometimes fiery, when it comes to the genre and subject matter, there is always a refreshing viewpoint to be drawn.

It is most likely that you will not recognise the person you have become once you have listened to it, but, à la Katy Perry kissing a girl, you will kind of like it.

Do not give in and let the machines win by consulting our list of the top 3 smart devices to smash whilst listening to Third Law below.

Rat & Co
Rat & Co are not androids.

Top 3 smart devices to smash whilst listening to Third Law

  1. A fridge freezer
  2. A microwave oven
  3. A washing machine

Dash Majesty Rating

Dash Majesty Rating: 4/5

Third Law is out Friday 1st September via Smooch Records.