Paradise: The Yellow EP

Paradise - The Yellow EP Album art: Delicious Morsel by Malcolm Liepke

These days, I regard rock and roll as an elderly neighbour; one who either throws a really great BBQ, with locally-sourced meat, or one who throws an equally great BBQ, but the meat is sourced from the bones of the local children…

Paradise are the former. I would probably enjoy the meat at both BBQs, but I would probably feel better reminiscing about the more authentic one. Truthfully however, I would rather not attend a BBQ at all and instead enjoy listening to The Yellow EP, the quartet’s forthcoming debut.

I love the guitar sounds on this, and the Stipe-esque vocals from Sivert Høyem remind me of welcoming home an old friend – an old friend who knows their way around a barbecued meat or three. I can hear influences of REM and Pavement, however that’s not to say they haven’t developed their own sound, which is expansive and, at times, palpable.

The creatures behind the noise are: Robert McVey on guitar, Sivert Høyem on vocals, Rob Ellis on drums, Simone Butler on bass and Joaquin, the band’s seagull/manager.

Paradise - Photo by Maria Mochnacz
Photo by Maria Mochnacz

Lead single Goodbye 21st Century showcases their ability to write an infectious melody, whilst Headwound and Crying display a more experimental side. Opener Humiliation is my favourite, which combines candid lyrics with a beautifully-organised wall of sound – it’s not surprising producer John Agnello was involved with this, having previously worked with the likes of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.

The Yellow EP offers a healthy dose of poignancy, humour and excellent musicianship. It will be available tomorrow, Friday 27th October, via Clouds Hill.

Dash Majesty Rating

Dash Majesty Rating: 4/5

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