Masma Dream World: Self-titled

Masma Photo by Margrét Seema Takyar

Brace yourself as we present the debut EP from Masma Dream World, the pseudonym of Brooklyn’s finest, Devi Mambouka.

Her experimental foray into the realm of trip hop is able to hold its own, blending both Bahoumbou tribalism and NY ambient hip hop. Self-titled and self-released (October 19th), this provocative work touches on Mambouka’s Gabonian roots (mesmeric costume courtesy of Tove Berglund).

Directed by filmmaker Margrét Seema Takyar, Elephant is an event in itself. Unexpected and abrasive, it manages to be energetic and maintain an attention-grabbing, uncomfortable drive throughout. It’s punchy and tough, but a softer side is revealed as the track progresses.

The aptly titled Dream World is a perfect concoction; Mambouka fuses r&b and electro, allowing room for traditional African elements too. SAMOUNIKA_THE PRINCE has a warmer feel compared to the other tracks, with rich and exquisite harmonies. The instrumental percussion section is refreshing; we mere mortals struggle to keep up with Mambouka, so this break from the ferociousness is somewhat restorative.

POMF and DDD both carry themselves at an intense pace. In essence, this isn’t an easy listen. Don’t expect to fully appreciate this record when you’re on the tube sipping coffee. It’s an EP which demands attention and won’t settle for anything less.

Should you wish for Masma Dream World to read you a bedtime story, you can persistently message her on Facebook and Twitter until she responds. In the meantime, tag her in pictures of your matching polka dot pyjamas on Instagram.