Le Faux Ensemble: Double Bind

If you’re looking for something a little more meditative, we recommend you check out Le Faux Ensemble’s latest offering, Double Bind, released courtesy of Dissociation.

Recorded by Lucas Pizzini at the Logelloù studio, Double Bind is performed by Benjamin Jarry and Suzanne Fischer (cellos), Sandy Ralambondrainy (piano) and Clara Bodet (clarinet). Created by Nantes-based cellist and composer Benjamin Jarry, Le Faux Ensemble is a quartet founded on graphic scoring and dissonant harmonies.

It’s a soft deconstruction of conventional minimalism – this record stands firmly on the shoulders of Jarry’s previous body of work. Featuring aching dronal textures and pensive melodies, Double Bind is something of an experimental work, probing uncharted territories between minimalism and pop. As well as bridging a number of genres, Jarry plays with the traditional concept of structure, resulting in an “ambiguous weightlessness” that comes to define the EP. The repetitive imagery results in a natural flow to the music, allowing space for the strings to breathe and evolve organically.

The quartet don’t shy away from exploration, with this particularly uncommon blend of distortion and chord progressions that leaves the record open to interpretation (think of a collaboration between Steve Reich, Olafur Arnalds and Michael Nyman). Don’t expect to rush through this record – take the time to completely absorb yourself in it.

Double Bind is released February 9th courtesy of Dissociation.