Korto: Self-titled

Korto cover Album art by Chufy

French DIY Label Six Tonnes De Chair give us an early Christmas present in the form of Korto, the electric trio comprised of Clément Baltassat (bass & vocals), Marius Mermet (guitar & vocals) and Lèo Moriaud (drums). Their self-titled record was released on 17th November, and we’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. It’s our alarm in the morning. We brush our teeth to this.

Hot Rock provides an energetic start to the record – it’s upbeat yet maintains a sense of melancholy. A little bit grungy, a little bit post-punk, with plenty of nods to psychedelia. Think Smashing Pumpkins on Red Bull. Track 2 continues with this early-90s sound, combining clashing harmonies and atonal melodies.

Slow builder Denzzzl greets us with an energetic percussion section, accompanied by eerie guitar riffs. It’s slightly cleaner than the other tracks, with an intriguing, minimalist bassline and mirrored echoing vocals. The sinister bass and persistently alarming drum line are the defining features, but there is still room for the vocals and guitar to breathe.

Fresque begins as a slightly more chipper number, building up to a tumultuous climax before thinning out slightly and distorting itself. Clashing cymbals and meditative guitar lines result in a thoughtful instrumental track full of stamina, brimming with a vibrancy that’s difficult to articulate. A40, conversely, is an old fashioned work of art, complete with fleeting vocal lines and a rather magnetic dynamism.


With nods to math rock, Dollonde is fat with layered harmonies and subtle polyrhythms – the notable chord progression is rather intriguing. Closing track Oï is messy and improvisational and cheerful, swimming in a pool of noise rock.

This is an authentic album, filled with integrity. We’ve been searching for a nostalgic-slash-progressive (what?) sound for a while now, and we think we might have found it.

Dash Majesty Rating

Dash Majesty Rating: 5/5

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