Introducing: Swancore

© Vector designed by Freepik

You would be forgiven for confusing swancore with the buggering of one of her Majesty’s most prized, poultry pals. You would be forgiven, however we would question your mental state…

Fortunately none of that really matters much, as it’s actually a ‘made-up’ genre of music. Imagine, if you will, a harmless bit of post-hardcore fun that got frisky with all the best bits of prog/math rock, thus birthing the titillating franken-genre some of us call, swancore.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But Jim, why is it called swancore?” Well, have you ever heard of ‘Billy’ Will Swan, founder of the great Blue Swan Records and popular American post-hardcore swancore band, Dance Gavin Dance? Because he started ‘it’, and the internet, like it tends to do, labeled ‘it’ and gave ‘it’ a name, and a subreddit.

The perfect metal sub-genre to frame a salacious, summer evening spent creating memories (out of beer) with friends.

If you’re interested in making the next biggest swancore hit, follow this bake-by-numbers recipe for dummies:

1. A voice that soars up like an angel and goes down like a wounded ox.
2. A healthy drizzle of poly-rhythm.
3. Six soup ladles of technical sticking & fingering.
4. Add a dash of Will Swan rapping to suit taste.

Bake all of the above into a thick, oozing fondue paste of post-hardcore aggression and dip your ears accordingly. If you followed the recipe correctly, you could end up with something not unlike this delectable dish…

If you were left with the lifeless husk of someone that once was, firstly I don’t condone nor do I frown upon necromancy, and secondly, just Google it, mate.