Interview: Sixth Minor

© Sixth Minor, 2017

We’re proud to present Italian noise trio Sixth Minor, whose blend of post-math/industrial rock results in the immersive Amygdalae. Their latest record is a melting pot of experimental synths and electronic distortion – Dash Majesty talks with Renato, Francesco and Andrea to delve deeper.

Dash Majesty: Tell us a little about yourself!

Renato: Hi there! We are Sixth Minor, a noise band from Naples, Italy. We initially started as a duo in 2011, thanks to the collaboration between me and Andrea (the drummer). The release of our debut album WIREFRAME in 2013, was followed by an intensive tour throughout Italy and included several live shows in other European countries. At the beginning of 2015 we started recording Amygdalae with active support from Francesco Giuliano, who would later become a permanent member of the band.

DM: Considering that your work seems to be a crossover of so many different genres, how would you describe your sound?

SM: It’s hard to describe our sound as it’s a mix of different genres and influences, and we don’t tend to follow any kind of music movements or artistic trends. Anyway, in general terms, we can best describe our sound as a mix of post-math-noise rock, mixed with power and experimental electronic.

DM: Your latest album Amygdalae has such a developed flow to it – each individual track seems to build off the previous one. Was this intentional?

SM: Yes, it’s intentional. Amygdalae is a kind of singular deep trip. The tracks are linked to each other and every track can be considered as a continuation of the previous one. It has a unique flow.

DM: Can you tell us about your motivation and the process behind this record?

SM: Well, the main motivation is just one: passion. We totally love music and this is what urges us to record albums. Our projects are not fuelled by business/profit purposes, we are aware that what we are producing is perhaps not easily marketable.

DM: Tell us about the artwork for Amygdalae – is there a story behind it?

Renato: The artwork is a kind of experiment I did with a programming library called Processing. In my professional life, I’m an interactive and creative developer, so whenever there is an opportunity I love to use my programming skills to make artistic experiments.

© Sixth Minor, 2017

DM: Your label Megaphone Records seems to have a fairly unorthodox structure in terms of leadership positions. How do you find this? Do you feel you have enough creative control?

SM: We have total creative control of our compositions. Megaphone can be defined more as a collective of musicians than a label. We are just people who love to make experimental music and we help each other to promote our music.

DM: Regarding songwriting, how would you say your music has evolved since your last record WIREFRAME?

SM: The project has evolved a lot from WIREFRAME. We have acquired a more aggressive, powerful and darker sound compared to the previous record. This evolution is consistent with our live performances, where we try to create a massive sound and strong impact with each show.

DM: How do you want your audience to feel when they hear one of your tracks?

SM: As they want! We don’t want to transmit any particular feeling or message to our audience. We believe our music is really instinctive and we love the fact that our listeners can interpret our compositions through their own feelings and emotions.

DM: Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re particularly excited about?

SM: Yes, actually each member of the band is working on other personal projects, some of which will be released soon.

DM: What inspires you to create music?

SM: We listen to a large variety of different music every day, although a particular mention should be given to 65DaysOfStatic. They are a big inspiration to us, they have influenced a lot of our work and overall musical style.

If you’re in Europe, you can invite Sixth Minor to play on your foosball team by sending them a message on Facebook. If you are not part of a foosball team, you can just listen to their music by clicking here.