Interview: New Routines Every Day

New Routines Every Day © New Routines Every Day

Dash Majesty speaks with cinematic duo New Routines Every Day, comprised of sound artist Rudy Decelière and one-man orchestra Marcel Chagrin. Their debut album You Never Know What Is Enough/Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough is out June 9th via Pulver & Asche Records.

Dash Majesty: Could you please introduce yourselves?

Marcel Chagrin: Rudy is the man I know who is most concerned with subtlety in art. Everything is weighed. With him, fragility becomes strength. His silence can be a form of caress, like a letter you receive from one you love that lives far away.

Rudy Decelière: Thanks to Marcel, I discovered one could fall in love without sexual attraction. Each of his sounds breaks my heart with so much simplicity.

DM: Although you are a duo, the sound you create is huge. How do you manage it?

MC: I have never thought of it in these terms. It’s not a will. I guess it’s just the way we do things.

RD: When you say “huge”, is it about time or space?

DM: Time multiplied by space. Spacetime.

DM: Soundscapes play a significant role in your work. Why have you chosen this approach?

RD: Field recordings, let’s say so, as “Soundscape” is a very debated notion, play a key role for me, as they constitute my instrument. I’m willing to let them be as raw as possible, with no effects. They are stories within our stories. I could tell you how, but I can’t tell you why.

MC: We are making films, but without images, nor voluntary scenarios.

DM: Describe your sound in three words.

MC: Memory, space, present & body. Take one away and it disappears.

DM: Your work is very sweeping and cinematic – what’s going through your minds during the composition process?

MC: While composing and playing, I feel blind. Everything is dark. My ears are eyes. My body is a transmitter that I hardly control.

RD: As we decided to record live sessions, I had to improvise during takes. Improvising with field recordings means sinking deeply into memories related to moments I’ve been experiencing and captured. Through his music, Marcel aroused various moments I’ve been through, here and there.

MC: By the way, I don’t like to control the process too much.

…I have a headache, a psychiatrist and a good library.Marcel Chagrin

DM: Are there any non-musical artists who you draw inspiration from?

MC: Not directly for the project, nor the duo. But, apart from that, yes of course, a huge amount of them.

RD: As far as I’m concerned, stronger inspiration definitely comes from surrounding practices.

DM: Do you have a muse?

MC: No, I have a headache, a psychiatrist and a good library. Rudy?

RD: Yes, right next to me while playing.

DM: In terms of equipment, what’s the one piece of tech you would struggle to create without?

MC: For me, I would miss very much a good monitor to listen to Rudy’s sound. That’s all.

RD: Probably the same one you’re reading our answers through.

DM: Does the future look good for New Routines Every Day?

MC: Yes, very good, thank you.

DM: Word.

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