In Profile: Lambert

© Lambert, photo by Andreas Hornoff Fotografie

You may remember your parents listening to piano music when you were a little girl, this was back when we classed anything that wasn’t Wonderwall as classical music and “global warming” was just the term used for giving someone a wet willy with your thumb.

The world is of course a different place now. The piano is your favourite instrument and not a day goes by where you don’t think about the socio-economic advantages of moving to Germany. Someone who may know a thing or two about both of these subjects is Lambert. The man himself is quite an enigma, although I have been able to determine that he is from Germany and can indeed play the piano.

Lambert definitely outdoes Jesus when it comes to messing around with water.

Signed to Berlin based label, Staatsakt, Lambert has released three distinct bodies of work: His self-titled debut in 2014, Stay In The Dark in 2015 and EP The Lost Tapes in April of this year. I have no idea how old Lambert actually is, however there are only two facts you need to know: 1) He always wears a mask and 2) His ability to ‘tickle the ivories’ has extended into the very fabric of nature itself. As can be seen in the video below, Lambert definitely outdoes Jesus when it comes to messing around with water. (note: Jesus couldn’t even play Chopsticks by the time he stopped having piano lessons, let alone write his own stuff.)

Both his original and reworked pieces are striking and evocative. Coupled with his eye for engaging visuals and the questions surrounding his mask (What does it smell like inside? Does he take it off in the shower? Is it in fact not a mask but his actual face?), Lambert has seemingly generated his own gravitational pull formed entirely of creative energy. As well as taking influence from classical music, he blends elements of jazz and modern composition techniques to create a heartwarming and unique tone. That last part might sound like a review of the One Show, courtesy of your nan, but I assure you I’m just as sincere as she would be.

Gather your family and listen to Lambert now: