In Profile: Injury Reserve

© DIEKE Mag. Photo by David Leyva. © DIEKE Mag. Photo by David Leyva.

As much as I applaud this list of Top 5 reasons to visit Tempe-Chandler, Arizona, I can’t help but notice that Injury Reserve didn’t make the final cut, which has led me to question whether the contributors to the Family Travels on a Budget website really care about families on a budget having a good time at all.

Parker, Ritchie and Groggs have always done things their own way, and since forming Injury Reserve, it’s obvious that they’ve kept a clear idea in mind with regards to their sound and aesthetic. The group’s debut EP, Cooler Colors, available for free download, blessed the internet in 2014 and defined the qualities in their work which have become their trademarks: carefully considered visuals, constructed under the unique stylings of producer, Parker (see Vibes n Stuff), insane hooks delivered by Ritchie and the Tribe-esque dynamic between Ritchie and Groggs as they exchange verses from track-to-track.

How Bout You stands out in particular on Cooler Colors and exhibits these qualities perfectly…

Live From The Dentist Office, also available for free download, followed in 2015, having literally been recorded in various rooms around Parker’s grandpa’s dentist office. Both the music and visuals are more polished and you can find features from the likes of Chuck Inglish and GLASSPOPCORN. The 11 tracks are diverse, however the album is cohesive and their progression is certainly apparent.

Everybody Knows uses the same recipe that makes How Bout You work so well: Parker’s production allows Ritchie and Groggs to show off some of their best flows, and the accompanying visuals complete the track…

Fast forward to the present day, and the group’s third project, Floss, is just around the corner. Oh Shit!!! and All This Money, below, have set the tone, and it looks like the trio are about to release a series of bangers that Bernie Sanders is going to be able to walk out on stage to for the rest of his career.

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for Floss and the impending review!