Asha Jane: Album Preview

Asha Jane

We’re proud to present Innocence|Experience|Reflection, the latest EP from storyteller extraordinaire Asha Jane, out Saturday 23rd September.

Opening with standout track Sigh-Wren, we’re warmly welcomed to this EP with honey-drenched vocal lines, complemented by minimalist, delicate instrumentation. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not and harks back to the straight-talking lyrics of classic soul. Sure, the simplicity of the piano line perfectly intertwines with the refrain and, lyrically, it’s arguably the strongest on the record – but the main attraction here is how Asha teases us with her playful inflections, leaving room for the melody to breathe. All too often we come across records which feel needlessly complicated – this track is a refreshing reminder that music doesn’t necessarily have to be aware of its own complexity in order to be “good”.

We’re then launched into the upbeat Big Bad Wolf, which demands our attention whilst remaining faithful to the overall agenda of the EP. It’s a slow builder, gracefully expanding on Asha’s experience and allowing the record to naturally flow into its next stage. It’s sweet but not saccharine, successfully blending clever phrasing and ardent vocals.

Innocence | Experience | Reflection

Final track Third Eye is a little more direct. Asha recognises her own flaws and addresses them head-on; she refuses to go quietly, permitting the record to come full circle. Obviously, as an EP of transition and meditation, it’s raw, personal and guttural. If you’re looking for fragile vocals and timid lyrics, you’re most definitely in the wrong place and shall be referred to something more appropriate upon request.

Film yourself performing interpretative dance to the soundtrack of Asha’s EP and send it to her via Twitter. Tag her in your alternative fan art on Instagram. Send her poetry about Welsh farms on Facebook.