AMANI: Perpendicular


We cordially invite you to explore the world of Amani, the South London creative whose debut, Perpendicular, will be released tomorrow, Friday 3rd November, thanks to the kind souls at Point Blank Recordings.

Transform is a warm opening – heavy with reverb and a charming melody, it’s a short but sweet introduction to the EP. Upon first hearing The Earth Evolved, it’s something of a pleasant surprise to be informed that the vocalist in question isn’t a seasoned jazz singer from New Orleans, but in fact somebody shiny and brand new. It’s an ethereal dream pop piece, with a Björkian quality to it – try to imagine the resultant sound from the Icelandic treasure if she embarked on a soul career. It’s a fresh and daring exploration into the world of underground electronica, maintaining a seductive charisma which sadly is so often lost. It’s powerful and graceful and addictive, complemented by Amani’s haunting, delicious rasp.

Feathers Falling is, from a lyrical perspective, one of the rawest tracks we’ve come across recently. The variety and depth of Amani’s vocal range becomes strikingly apparent; it dips into trap briefly, toying with sublime and airy ideas. It’s a gut-wrenching and tragic account, detailing the loss of the protagonist’s sibling – expect it to touch a nerve.

Amani - Artwork

We’re greeted by a more upbeat number in the form of Man In A Mini Dress. Warped beyond recognition, the vocal line here presents dual sides of the performer’s persona. The harmonic experimentation is energetic and twisted, with provocative industrial overtones, highlighting Amani at (arguably) her best. It’s not as haunting as the other tracks, but holds its own as a tangled expedition into the unknown.

Alongside the captivating and lavish music videos, Perpendicular includes a number of remixes and radio edits of Amani’s tracks, including interpretations by Chilean producer Dinky and hip hop aficionado Kells. In summation, this is a brilliant and brave release – it’s an EP which is full of pain and redemption. We implore you to support Amani. We can’t wait to see where this project goes.

Dash Majesty Rating

Dash Majesty Rating: 5/5