Album Review: Sampha – Process

Dash Majesty: Hey, how do you like your album reviews?
You: Rushed, late and slightly incomprehensible.
Dash Majesty: Great.

Process is Sampha’s debut album, released via Young Turks. It presents an incredible range of timbres and the production alone is sharper than a nun’s tongue. Having earned his stripes over the past decade, alongside the likes of Drake, Solange and SBTRKT to name a few, Sampha couldn’t be in a better position to present the world with a full-length album.

Seeing as we have established your preferences for album reviews, and considering the fact I am now telling you just how profoundly introspective Process is, I have opted to focus on how my favourite tracks make me feel, and how they will undoubtedly make you feel.

Plastic 100°C

It feels like I have just finished 5th in a beauty pageant, but an older, wiser member of my family has just taught me that real beauty comes from within. I wear my ‘Thank you for taking part’ medal with pride.

Blood On Me

I am a hot popcorn kernel that won’t pop. Everyone’s talking at once but I can only hear the disappointed sighs of an elderly man watching the Royal Variety Performance. He has just been informed that the main act is another breakdancing troupe.

Kora Sings

I am in an advert for a new 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner that increases cognitive function. I am standing under a waterfall of exotic fruits and in the background an office block is being built to accommodate three of my new tech start-ups.

No One Knows Me (Like the Piano)

It feels like I am holding a seashell against my ear and I can hear all of the nice things strangers have thought about me. The seashell also reminds me I will never see any of these people ever again.

Reverse Faults

I am in the back of a Fiat 500, or maybe the front, it’s hard to tell in that car. Either way, it’s moving forward in violent lurches. An 8-bit sun floats like a beach ball through the air before exploding into a cloud of confetti.

What Shouldn’t I Be?

I am a slightly over-sized throw pillow on your rich aunt’s chaise lounge.

Ask Sampha to hang out with you on Facebook, follow up with him on Twitter and then cry over his pictures on Instagram when he hasn’t replied and it’s been two months already.

Process is actually really good by the way. Listen below.