Interview: Diego Cusano

We got hungry and inspired talking to Diego Cusano, which he assures us are the two best things you can be in life…

Dash Majesty: For those who don’t know you, could you introduce yourself?

Diego Cusano: I’m a fantasy researcher – I translate my passions into a job. I grew up playing piano and drawing fantasy settings; these passions brought me to believe in dreams. After finishing my high school diploma in art and restoration of paintings, I moved to Perugia to attend the Fine Arts Academy. During the morning and afternoon I was attending lessons, and during the night I was writing songs. I was searching for a link between music and visual arts.

DM: Could you explain what being a “fantasy researcher” entails?

DC: He’s a constantly changing person. A person who is always searching for opportunities to combine creativity with reality, breaking apart the patterns that society imposes on us.

DM: Where did the idea of working with food come from?

DC: From reality… from everyday life – I wanted to find a way to unite what surrounds me with my imagination. From this, the definition of “fantasy researcher” was born.

Diego Cusano
Milano Pride, 2017

DM: Other than the edible, are there any materials in particular you would like to work with?

DC: I would like to experiment with melted gold, but it’s very difficult.

DM: We can appreciate that. You utilise a large variation of household objects in your art. When you see these items, can you visualise them immediately as part of one of your works, or does this come later?

DC: Yes! I visualise them immediately – it comes like a flash.

DM: Which is your favourite piece of yours? Could you tell us?

DC: I’m fond of all my drawings, because each one of them was created during a time of the day. My drawings are like a diary.

DM: You have a strong background in music. Do you ever combine the two?

DC: I’m a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (I play the piano, the guitar, theremin, drums and flute). Between 2009 and 2010, after several years of pictorial and musical trials, I issued a dissertation and wrote my first composition (both of which I named Small Worlds). This was my first project combining both visual and musical art. In my dissertation, I described the morphology of the musical note, mentioning Kandinsky and his printing series entitled Small Worlds. Looking at those printings, I got inspired and created a melody.

Diego Cusano - Mongolfiera Tazzina Caff
Mongolfiera Tazzina Caffé, 2017

DM: What does the future look like for you?

DC: I’m always looking for something and I have so many projects planned. Next year, my clothing line (capsules) will be released. I have many requests every day and try not to think about the future too much. I live in the present and build the future step by step. The only certainty is that I would like to get a golden retriever. I love dogs.

Try and find Diego’s address on his website and send him a gold retriever. Visit his Facebook page and leave links to golden retriever fan clubs. Buy yourself a golden retriever, take pictures of it, upload the pictures to Instagram and tag Diego in them.