In Profile: Dominick Rabrun

Dominick Rabrun, aka Ol’ Pen ‘n’ Pencil, is the digital Bob Ross…

which is why it’s no surprise he maintains such a raw and distinguished drawing style throughout all of his creative work – you can see this most vividly brought to life in his animated Hip Hop RPG series, featured on his YouTube channel, Dom’s Sketch Cast.

As well as animation, Dom uses his channel to post interviews, reviews, live draws (Fridays 9pm EST), sketches and vlogs. He is also approximately one half of the DuBL D’s Podcast, which, among other things, gives listeners a deeper understanding of the influences behind his art and character.

His Tumblr page, Count Blackula, provides a glimpse into his varied portfolio, offering a behind the scenes look at his own learning process and the approach he takes with new pieces. If you only use Tumblr to anonymously tarnish your name, so you can talk about overcoming your haters in day-to-day conversations with loved ones, then you can stay up-to-date with Dom’s activities on his Twitter page instead.

No matter the style, his drawings always seem to evoke feelings of nostalgia, his original characters in particular carry a certain air of familiarity about them as though they could have been a part of the cartoons and video games you grew up with. The same can be said for the drawings he does of people he sees on the subway, transforming a certain aspect of their appearance and creating an alternate world around them in his sketch pad, sometimes with tentacles flailing, but thankfully/unfortunately not Hentai inspired.

One of the best things about Dom is that some of his work is available to buy here, and also, as long as you know how to use Google Translate, you can say hello to him in several different languages on his Facebook page.

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