Introducing: Anna Bjerger

Smoke, 2016

Anna Bjerger seeks meaning where there is none and uses her findings to uncover realities that otherwise would have never existed.

The Swedish born artist’s process involves searching through old photographs, brochures and catalogues for certain elements of images that stand out, which once established are transformed into entirely unique representations.

Whether focusing on a facial expression, or an interesting composition, she breathes new life into these forgotten images, the origin of each making the finished pieces all the more thought-provoking. The anonymity of her subjects allows you to form your own understanding of her work, uninfluenced by the history of a certain setting or character.

I love to look at what’s happening behind the person being photographed.

Flame, 2012
Flame, 2012

Working directly from photographs has allowed her to break down what it is exactly that makes an interesting picture. In an interview with Louisiana Channel she said, “I love to look at what’s happening behind the person being photographed.”, and it is through considering the images she uses in such detail that she is able to produce work that feels so genuine and refined.

Jennifer Balkan comes to mind when looking through her portfolio. Both artists have found their niche using oil on aluminium, however they’ve made a habit of creating beauty out of whichever mediums cross their paths.

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